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It’s launched!  A new non-team ever evolving etsy treasury game following in the spirit of the Surrealist’s parlor game called the exquisite corpse.  If you are not familiar with the game invented the Surrealists in the 1930s called the “exquisite corpse,” here’s where you can bone up

Simply grab any existing exquisite corpse T created so far by going here, or searching for exquisitecorpse88eds on the etsy treasury page. 

You will see wonderfully crafted Ts depicting four creatures from column to column.

To add your own creative spin on this simply copy over three columns and add you own 4th column (adding a new character/figure), or copy over three rows and add your own row (altering the heads, torso, legs, feet of the existing figures).

Come play with us! Cross marketing on etsy reinvented as a parlor game!

Here are a few already created!

created by bonjourpoupette


created by galafilc

by gildinglillies

by rosetung


by LouisesArt



original exquisite corpse T by 88editions


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